You have joined Portfolio Cash Profit Systems, Congratulations. 

As soon as you complete Step 1, you have full access to our Portfolio Cash Profit System Training Center.

As being a part of our Team, we also have an area to take you step by step through your business and tips to help you to be successful with your businesses.

When you have first signed up, even before you do your Offers. 

Four things you need to know:

  1. You will need 30 - 45 minutes to complete your offers.
  2. You will need a calendar to keep track of when you started your trials/offers. If you choose not to keep your trial offer, cancel only AFTER 80% of the time of your offer, not before. Offers Form.
  3. You will need a valid Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.
  4. When I first started this process, I was very leery of using my credit card with these offers. You may find yourself feeling the same way. Here is what I have found. All the companies are reputable companies with long business history and have been doing business with ZNZ for several years. You are not going to have an issue with your credit card information being stolen or getting billed for something that you have cancelled as long as you cancelled according to the terms and conditions. Besides, if you did have a credit card issue, your credit card company will get your money back, without question. So don't worry about using your credit card to complete your offers, just make sure that if these are offers you are not going to keep, use the form above to keep track of them and cancel them appropriately.



  1. Use FireFox, it will help you get credited faster. If you don't have FireFox, you can download it here. If you would rather not download Firefox you can use Internet Explorer as long as you follow the rest of the process. I personally used Internet Explorer and had no issues. You can choose either browser you wish.
  2. Clear you cookies on your computer. (See below)
  3. Stay on the last page (Thank You Page) for an additional 2 - 4 minutes when you have completed an offer. That way it helps to solidify that you have completed the offer.
  4. When you have signed up for a Trial or Offer, you will need to USE IT or TRY IT out to fully get credit. Example: If you sign up for California Psychics, you will need to log into their site and utilize their service for around 9 minutes. Otherwise you will not get credited.


Here is a video that will take you through getting started.


REMEMBER: If you have any questions, contact your Sponsor. That is what they are there for.

What can I do to help ensure I get credit for doing an offer?
  • Browser Cookies - Most systems use "cookies" to track your offer, so it's important that you do everything possible to help facilitate this. Whatever browser you are using, our suggestion is to set your "Privacy" setting to the least aggressive option possible right before you complete an offer.

    In Internet Explorer 7, you do this by going to the "Tools" menu, selecting "Internet Options", then selecting the "Privacy" tab and changing the slider to the "Accept All Cookies" setting. Once you're done you can change it back to "Medium" or whatever your previous setting was.

    This is harmless, and it will help ensure that the advertiser's tracking system can properly track your offer completion.
  • Delete All Cookies-  This is done under tools as well. In Internet Explorer it is under the general tab. In Mozilla Firefox it is tools at the top of page. Select options, privacy and then click on clear history. This will clear all cookies on you system.

  • The Confirmation Page - Upon completing an offer you'll be presented with a "thank you" or "confirmation" page. This is the page that confirms your registration has been completed, confirms your order, etc.

    We recommend that you do not immediately close or change your browser away from this page. Instead, let it just sit there for at least 60 seconds. This will allow the page to fully load, and allow any "behind-the-scenes" processing and tracking to fully finish.

  • Save The Proof - Upon completing an offer, always print a copy of the confirmation page and save any confirmation email that you receive. In the unlikely event you don't get credit, this will be helpful in "proving your case" should you need to submit a "Missing Credit Request" in Support.


What if my credits don't show?

In your ZNZ back office, across the top tabs, click on Support. Fill out the form to the best of your ability. They usually get back with you within 24 hours. If they need any information, be prepared with any emails that you have saved from the Offer Company. If you have completed an offer you WILL get credit.

How do I get a Screen Shot?

  1. This is a lot simpler than you think. First, click on your start button on the bottom left, click on All Programs, go to Accessories and click on Paint.
  2. Next, get on the website that you need to get a screen shot of, maybe your back office of an Offer site, to prove that you are a member there and that you have used the product/service. There is a button on most keyboards, to the upper right of your backspace key that says prt scr (print screen). Click on that button.
  3. Go to your Paint browser, click on the EDIT button on the upper left, go down to paste. You will see your Screen Shot.
  4. From there you click on FILE, SAVE AS, and you save it to a folder that you know where it will be, example: My Pictures or create a file for ZNZ and save it there.
  5. If you need to send that screen shot to someone, just add it as an Attachment to your email.


Once you have completed your 1.0 points, your Sponsor will be notified. You should get an email from them letting you know what to expect next. You should get paid within 24 - 48 hours. (Usually within 18 hours, but take into consideration nights, weekends and holidays.)

In your next email from your Sponsor, you will be invited to the full Portfolio Cash Profit System Training Center. 


Get ready for SUCCESS with our Team.


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